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Arabella the Candlemaker

My Story

At Bushwalk Candles I make beeswax candles that embrace the essence of the

Australian bush.

My connection to the bush is inherited from a long history of proud Australian storytellers

and I use these memories to inspire my range of authentic Australian scented beeswax candles.

Bushwalk Candles are handmade using natural beeswax sourced from local bee keepers

in South East Queensland. I use first melt beeswax that still holds some of the delicious golden

honey within its cells. This pure beeswax blends perfectly with the bush scents and oils to

create my amazing bush scented beeswax candles. 

When you browse through my shop keep an eye out for guest feature products and custom

timber tea light holders that are the perfect pairing for a Bushwalk Candle.

I hope that you find a scent that reflects what Australia smells like to you!


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