Some tips to ensure the perfect beeswax candle experience!

Beeswax burns at a much higher temperature than soy or paraffin wax. Avoid moving candles when the wax is hot.

Tea light candles should always be placed inside a suitable tea light holder. 

Candle tins and glassware should be placed on a suitable stable, level, heat resistant surface to avoid marking the surface.

Candles should never be burnt in drafts, near curtains, or on flammable surfaces like fabric. 

Never leave a burning candle unattended or near children or pets.

Never let a candle or tea light burn down to the bottom of the container, always leave some wax at the bottom.

Always trim the wick before re-lighting a candle, we recommend a 5mm height. A shorter wick will draw up the beeswax and burn correctly with less smoke.

Candles can be dangerous if not used correctly. Bushwalk Candles and our manufacturers cannot be held liable for any misuse of our products.

Please enjoy your candles responsibly. x